Charlotte Strevens’ voice characteristics
RP / Clear, mellow and warm, rich and soft.  Strong and assured delivery, with a great range of accents.  Age range: 40 – 60

Media Specialisation
Audio Books, Commercials, Corporate, Documentary Narration, Radio Telephony Systems, Video Games, Audio Drama

The narration was clear and varied in pitch and tone making it simple to differentiate between the characters – a job well done.

Audible listener review of The Wild Hunt, by Elizabeth Chadwick, narrated by Charlotte Strevens


Recent Clip ' The Coming of the Wolf' by Elizabeth Chadwick

The Prequel to the triology of the Wild Hunt Series

Horror / Supernatural / Fiction

'Possession' by Peter James

Dream Horse by Janet Vokes/Jeff Hudson

Autobiography - true life story

Mark of Faith - An Adepta Sororitas Adventure / GWS

character narration

V/O to captions - Online shopping solutions

Client Assist – Napolean Creative

Pension Protection Fund

The Purple Book